Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

«Alone at Home»: One of the most successful comedies of cinema

Hilarious comedy that scored huge box office success, leading to follow three more sequels. Behind the camera is the acclaimed Chris Columbus («Mrs. Ntapfair»), while the leading role keeps the adorable young actress Makolei Kalkin. From the rest of the cast stand-winning Joe Peshitta (Oscar Actor 1991 – «The good guys») and the unforgettable overweight comedian John Candy. The film was considered one of the most successful comedies of world cinema.

CASE: A multi-member American family is going to travel to Paris for the Christmas holidays, possessed of excessive stress on the day of departure, resulting in one of its members, the 8 year old Kevin Mack Kalister, left behind. Little Kevin finds himself all alone in the house and confronted two thieves who plan to rob! But thanks to the ingenuity of children, courage and imagination, manages to defeat …Image