What Makes a Post Freshly Press-able: A Space For Learning

Abandoning the Space Shuttle … a Lesson for Educators
Cape Canaveral – 24 years ago the space shuttle Challenger exploded in a thousand flaming pieces just minutes after takeoff, leaving behind thick clouds of smoke and a heavy atmosphere of mourning.
The sight was horrible for the families of the seven astronauts and gi’A those who gathered to watch the first ever mission
teacher in space.

The catastrophic event that marred the glittering «picture» of NASA and shook the belief that spaceflight could become less common and the civil flights.
The subsequent investigation about the causes of the fatal explosion revealed a space agency, which is more interested in keeping schedules and public relations than for the safety of spaceflight and taking wise decisions.
Seventeen years later, seven more astronauts were «lost» with the spacecraft Columbia leading many to believe that NASA did not get the lesson from the tragedy of Challenger.
But after the successful return to space flight made this summer (below the highest levels so far mechanical control), the future looks promising for space observers.
«Did not we all learn as we go?» Wonders the Grace Corrigan, the woman who lost her daughter, teacher Christa McAuliffe in the crash of the Challenger. «We all learn from their mistakes,» adds the same.