Ungrateful Bliss

«So what is wrong with your husband?»

I was surprised, «What do you mean?»

«You wouldn’t be doing this with me if there wasn’t something wrong with him.»

«There’s nothing wrong with him,» I said. «I’m the problem.»

«Does he know anything is going on?»


Jake picked up my hand and tickled the back of it. «How can he not know that something isn’t right?»

«I’m turning into a good liar these days.»

«Would you lie to me?» He looked in my eyes that were about 3 inches from his.


«I don’t like that.» He frowned and looked at the back of my hand he was still tickling.

«Well I didn’t lie just then did I?» He sat up and looked down at my face as I rested my head on his pillow. I smirked at him.

«You are a piece of work,» he said.

I sat up…

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  1. including my image of the naked stranger

  2. Naked Came the Stranger is a 1969 novel written as a literary hoax poking fun at contemporary American culture. Though credited to «Penelope Ashe», it was in fact written by a group of twenty-four journalists led by Newsday columnist Mike McGrady. McGrady’s intention was to write a deliberately terrible book with a lot of sex, to illustrate the point that popular American literary culture had become mindlessly vulgar. The book fulfilled the authors’ expectations and became a bestseller in 1969; they revealed the hoax later that year, further spurring the book’s popularity.

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