Dual Survival:Slash and Burn
Cody and Dave travel to Tierra Del Fuego, a remote location just 500 miles north of Antarctica. Dave demonstrates the use of black powder to cauterize a self-inflicted laceration


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Henry Horatio Hobson
Maggie, Alice and Vickey Hobson (his daughters)
Mrs. Hepworth (a wealthy customer of Hobson’s)
William Mossop (in love with Maggie)
Albert Prosser (a lawyer; in love with Alice)
Fred Beenstock (in love with Vickey)
Timothy “Tubby” Wadlow
Jim Heeler
Ada Figgins
Dr. MacFarlane

A cobbler, Henry Hobson, has three daughters: Maggie, Alice and Vickey. The daughters work in the shop unpaid. Hobson spends his time drinking with the fellow members of the masons at the ‘Moonraker’s Arms’ pub.
One day, Mrs Hepworth, a rich customer of Hobson, demands to know who made her boots: it is Hobson’s underpaid bootmaker, Will Mossop. She insists that all her and her daughters’ boots must from now on be made by Will, and tells him to inform her if ever he should leave Hobson’s. Maggie, who is a talented businesswoman and considered too old and plain to marry, proposes marriage to Will. Will reluctantly agrees. When Hobson comes back, she tells him that she intends to marry Will, but he laughs at her, and threatens to beat Will for courting her. At this, Will leaves the shop, and Maggie goes with him. They borrow £100 from Mrs Hepworth, set up a shop on their own, and marry as soon as the banns of marriage have been called.
A month later, Hobson falls into the warehouse belonging to the father of Fred Beenstock, Vickey’s love. Maggie comes back to tell her sisters that she is going to marry them off herself. Hobson has refused to settle any money on them, without which they are unlikely to find decent husbands. With the help of lawyer Albert Prosser, Alice’s love, they issue a writ claiming damages from Hobson for trespass, damage to corn sacks and spying on trade secrets. Hobson eventually agrees to pay, the money is settled on the girls and they can now get married.
Thanks to Will’s skill as a bootmaker and Maggie’s business acumen, their shop is very successful and, within a year, they have taken nearly all of Hobson’s trade. Hobson is almost bankrupt and drinking himself to death. After an attack of delirium tremens, he asks each of his daughters to look after him. They all refuse, but eventually Maggie agrees to do so provided that Will takes over his business, with Hobson remaining as a ‘sleeping partner’ only

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Film and television
The play has been filmed several times, originally as a silent film in 1920, with Joan Ritz as Maggie and Arthur Pitt as her father. It was filmed again with sound in 1931, with James Harcourt as Hobson, Frank Pettingell as Mossop, Joan Maude as Alice, and Viola Lyel as Maggie. The best-known film version is that of 1954 directed by David Lean. It starred Charles Laughton as Hobson and Brenda De Banzie as Maggie. John Mills played Will Mossop, Maggie’s suitor, and Prunella Scales made her second film appearance as Vicky Hobson.
It was Americanized in the 1983 TV version, set in 1914 New Orleans, starring Jack Warden as Hobson, Sharon Gless as Maggie, and Richard Thomas as Will. It was broadcast on CBS TV on December 21, 1983. The New York Times review summarized the story line thus: «Burt Prelutsky’s script transposes the setting to New Orleans, and the year, for whatever arbitrary reason, is 1914. Henry Horatio Hobson, owner of a successful shoe store, is still a carousing drunk, complaining about how fate has saddled him with three daughters. Maggie, his eldest, can barely conceal her contempt for daddy’s more outrageous ways, and she is determined to get out from under his domination. As her vehicle toward that end, she chooses Will, a gentle and illiterate master shoemaker working in Hobson’s basement.» The review goes on:»Much of the problem would seem to be rooted in the casting. Jack Warden is an accomplished actor but he is at his best in the big-city settings of New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. He is not terribly persuasive as a New Orleans gentleman, albeit a drunken one. Sharon Gless is more successful with Maggie, giving the character an admirably unyielding integrity. But her performance doesn’t quite jibe with that of Richard Thomas as Will

Hindsight (Hangul: 푸른소금; RR: Pureun Sogeum, lit. Blue Salt) is a 2011 South Korean film by Lee Hyun-seung, his first after a ten-year hiatus. The film is about a hitwoman who struggles with feelings for the underworld boss who is her target. The film deals with issue of age difference and the Korean underworld, specifically gangs. It stars Song Kang-ho and Shin Se-kyung, and premiered at the 16th Busan International Film Festival.[2] The film received a total of 763,776 admissions nationwide.

Busan, South Korea, the present day. Legendary retired gangster Yoon Doo-hun (Song Kang-ho) dreams of opening a restaurant, and enrolls in a cookery class, where he gets to know Jo Se-bin (Shin Se-kyung), 20. Doo-hun then hears that his former boss, Man-gil, has died after being hit by a car; the gang’s members need to find Man-gil’s will to see whom he nominated as his successor, though most of them expect it is Doo-hun. Meanwhile, Se-bin’s roommate Lee Eun-jung (Esom) has become indebted to some Haeundae moneylenders, who force Se-bin, in return, to spy on Doo-hun. After Eun-jung steals a suitcase containing cocaine from the moneylenders, Se-bin is ordered to kill Doo-hun but can’t bring herself to do it. Instead, Eun-jung tries to run him over with a car and subsequently disappears. Doo-hun survives and takes over as head of his old gang, intent on discovering who killed Man-gil. Among various problems, he has to contend with Baek Kyung-min (Lee Jong-hyuk), an ambitious young member of the gang, and his continuing relationship with Se-bin, who is under pressure from assassination agency head Madame Kang (Yoon Yeo-jeong) to kill him.

Daily Writing Prompt:Oasis



I’m a child again

In my father’s garden,

And wherever I stand

I can reach the farthest bed

With the hose in my hand.

Wading the rows, I drench each plant,

Flooding the island of raspberries,

The ring of onions round the rose.

The sunflower that’s reached my waist

Is a green lion for all its mane.

And when I turn a soft bell of silver

On the seedlings at my feet,

Their bow of thanks is all

The blessing that I need.

A pair of hummingbirds come for breakfast here.

I’ve made friends with the male.

The nectar-sipper hovers a foot and a half away,

Dipping his tiny feet in the spray.

He shows his bright throat-even turns his back-

So total is the trust.

And if I’m lucky, at dusk

Deer will leave the dry highlands

And stamp down the lichened hill.

Last night, a young buck surprised me.

Descending through the red madronas,

He didn’t stop at the pond like the others,

But stepped right up to the gate;

Nor did he shy when I neared.

Pretending to browse then,

He nibbled at an alder

And dropped his head to the clover.

But I knew he’d come to see me.

daily prompt oasis



by Sophia
Let me be your retreat,
From the stress of life,
From the battling children,
From the bills and fights.

Let me be an oasis,
Your fantasy realized,
Your secret lover,
Your intimate soulmate.

Let me into your heart,
Just into a corner,
I know it’s filled,
With the love of another.

Let me be an oasis,
To quench your thirst,
Ease your restlessness,
Soften life’s blows.

Be there for me,
As I am for you,
Sharing, loving and nurturing,
Be my oasis.



Lyrics: (sorry for any typos)

Angel of mercy, how did you find me?
Where did you read my story?
Pulled from the papers, desperate and hardened
Seeking a momentary fix
All I wanted to say, all I wanted to do, has fallen apart now
All I wanted to feel, I wanted to love, it’s all my fault now
A tragedy, I fear

Angel of mercy, how did you find me?
How did you pick me up again?
Angel of mercy, how did you move me?
Why am I on my feet again?
And I see you
Woah Woah, Wo-aah
And I feel you
Woah Woah, Wo-aah

Fortress of daylight, caught me on standby
Waiting to catch the quickest plane
Fly me to nowhere, it’s better than somewhere
That’s where I’ve been and nothing’s changed
All I wanted to say, all I wanted to do, has fallen apart now
All I wanted to feel, I wanted to love, it’s all my fault now
A tragedy for sure

Angel of mercy, how did you find me?
How did you pick me up again?
Angel of mercy, how did you move me?
Why am I on my feet again?
And I see you
Woah Woah, Wo-aah
And I feel you
Woah Woah, Wo-aah

I’m so lost in you

A tragedy, seemed to be, but what now?
A tragedy, it seemed to be, but what now?

Angel of mercy, how did you find me?
How did you pick me up again?
Angel of mercy, how did you move me?
Why am I on my feet again?
And I see you
Oh Oh, Wo-aah
And I feel you
Woah Woah, Wo-aah
I feel you
Oh Oh, O-ohhh
I feel you
Oh Oh O-ohhh