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(Wednesday 8/31, 7pm, FILMMAKER IN PERSON)
Dir. Henry Joost and Jody Lee Lipes. Documentary. 74mins.
[Watch the trailer] An ambitious, sexy and jaw-droppingly gorgeous adaptation of Jerome Robbins’ beloved «ballet in sneakers,» Joost and Lipes’ SXSW Audience Award winner is «austere in purpose and yet lush and expansive in execution, suffused with summer heat and Terrence Malick cinematic light» (James Wolcott, VANITY FAIR). The screening will include JEROME ROBBINS’ BALLETS: USA, a never-before-seen documentary commissioned by the State Department in 1958.
«Oozing seductive passion, sorrowful yearning, and playful joy, OPUS JAZZ is a brief but striking film that demonstrates the capacity of art (be it dance, music, or cinema) to speak volumes without saying a word.»
– Nick Schager, THE VILLAGE VOICE4951781/nyexportopusjazzthefamilyjams.jpg